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Things on my mind


For a little while, I’ve had a wee crush on anything floral…

1. Stockings

2. Dresses

Love the socks.

I love the peter pan-esque collar, sigh.

3. Floral patterned things ie. wallpaper
I also want…

1. some T bars – why are they so hard to find here? I’ve only seen chunky not-so-girly school shoes so far.
2. Floral docs

I joined ebay two years ago for the sole (ha) purpose of tracking down a pair of these docs… and I still don’t have them. I know they are from the 90’s and they don’t make them anymore but selling them for over US$300?! I’m not ready to blow my entire season clothing budget on a pair of shoes sniff.

3. A bike

This little collage pretty much sums up all my favourite things (right now). Haeme x