Avenue Q - Sans Pareil

Avenue Q


So, I went and saw Avenue Q last night – $25 student tickets and amazing seats in the middle of the stalls! I had heard some of the songs before but it wasn’t anything compared to seeing the actual show. What can you expect from a musical with a cast of puppets? Well, pretty much everything from porn, racism, puppet sex, profanity, laughing at other people’s misfortunes… it’s politically incorrect in the best way possible (somewhere in there is a storyline about a recent BA graduate (puppet), single, unemployed and oh-so-old at 23, trying to find his way in the world… something we can all relate to, I bet). With song names such as ‘It Sucks to be Me’ and ‘Internet is for Porn’ and ‘Everybody is a Little Bit Racist’, how can you not go and see it? Oh AND it has Gary Coleman in it (as a character).
What chu talkin’ about, Willis?