New Zealand Fashion Week - GEOJ - Sans Pareil

New Zealand Fashion Week – GEOJ


One of the really cool things about writing about fash, is that I get to see up-and-comers when they are still grass roots. I somehow met Geo Hensley-Smith (on Instagram? Maybe?) about a year ago, and was taken aback by how creative and talented she was, and then finding out she was SUPER young like 16. Made me go “WOW” (Pretty sure I was still climbing trees or something at 16).

geo j on sans pareil

Image: James Yang

Geo J on Sans PAreil


There is no doubt that Geo is extremely talented. Her designs are well made, ready to wear style that are bang on trend. I cannot wait to see what she does next!

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And check out her website (Her stuff is very well priced!)



Designer Geo Hensley-Smith

Designer Geo Hensley-Smith



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