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New Zealand Fashion Week: Tymone Winter Of Empire of Genius


As I wrote in my Accessories Edit. NO Fashion Week is complete with out some mighty fine accessories. After all, they make the outfit. I think my very favourite designer in this section was Tymone Winter or Empire Of Genius with her cool (oh so cool) Chain Gang Collection bags. I simply loved them. And you probably will too.

All made in NZ (woohoo), even the leather is sourced here. I caught up with her just after her show and we had a we chat about the concept behind her designs, and being based in Wellington.

Check out the video interview. I do apologise for the intense techno playing in the background, you’re right, it did give me a headache.

Just in case that music put you off, in summary: Tymone is based in Wellington, you can shop online via her website or Instagram and she will be coming up to Auckland in the near future for a pop-up shop.



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