Mental Illness

6 Things People With Depression Want You To Know by Robecca Leyden

A slightly edited version article was also published by I lied in that title. It should really say 6 things I, someone with depression, want you to know. That’s the thing about depression or anxiety or mental illness in general; it hasn’t been studied long enough to have an exact cure. Maybe it never …

fashion Wedding

How Fabric Defines The Wedding Dress

This article was sponsored by The white wedding dress has been popular since the time of Queen Victoria who started the trend of white wedding gowns by sensationally wearing one for her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840. From then ‘til now there have been many versions of the white dress and veil. In the …


My Morning with Angela Stone By Emma Raho

Lifestylist Angela Stone exploded onto our screens in 2016 as part of the reality TV series The Real Housewives of Auckland. After filming wrapped she took time out to heal herself from the aftermath of the show and reflect on her housewives experience. Recently she has been quietly getting on with helping kiwis become their …

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