First day

Names: Haeme and Robecca

Things we love: 1920s. 1950s. Art. Avante-gardeism. Books. Cities. Concerts. Coco Chanel. Dresses. Eclectic. Elegance. Flamboyance. Gloves. Glamour. History. Individualism. Juice. Katherine Hepburn. Lace. Late nights. MIA. Noah and the Whale. Originality. Oscar Wilde. Pin ups. Perfume. Quality. Revolutionaries. Sequins. Stars. Style. Sun. Swings. Tea. To Kill a Mockingbird. Vintage. Wes Anderson. Winter. Words.

Things we dislike: Dumster trash indies. People who are mean to animals. Twilight.

Words: Dresses. Black capes, ties lavaliere, large-brimmed hats – the uniform of the bohemians. Or jeans, beards, pigtails, black sweaters. Those who by such dress want to prove that they are poets, musicians, painters. And the dislike of that uniform among the solitary who are sure enough of their work’s value to manage without paraphernalia. Yet, had they not hidden their profession under the disguise of normal people, they would have been more honest: here we demonstrate in public our shameful stigma of deviants and madmen. Czeslaw Milosz.

Music: Animal Arithmetic. Jonsi.