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Jackie Brown


I mean the Quentin Tarantino film, not the N.Z comedian.

I watched this for the first time the other day (I cannot BELIEVE I missed a Tarantino film!).

This movie is so bad-ass. I’ve got a mega girl crush happenin’ on Jackie Brown, she is just amazing (my inner feminist is drooling over her).

As usual, the dialogue is magnifique, Samuel L. Jackson is funny as hell, and the soundtrack consists purely of 70’s soul-train music.
I also (somewhat randomly) love the fact that this film has a lot of inter-racial coupling and it’s treated as completely normal. I know that sounds odd, but it always annoys me that in the majority of American television and films, although they often have inter-racial characters, they always seem to get paired with a love interest of the same race, which I find odd, silly, aaaaaand might unrealistic.
Anyway, watch it!



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