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Spencer Harrington


Recently I was looking through some old pics (as we all do) sighing over memories, and I came across some of my friend Spence. Which is this dude right here….

This is at Tokyo Disneyland.

Awww he’s carrying my luggage for me.

Now, the reason why I’m flashing his name and pic (sorry Spence) all over the World Wide Web is because he’s an artist. A good artist at that (none of the amateur ‘I did art at high school and my style hasn’t changed since’ stuff that seems to be popping up all over Auckland. He is a graffiti artist and miiiighty talented at it. For those of you that follow the Auckland graffiti art scene, Spence’s street name is ‘Random’ which is his motto on life, and pretty much everything in it.

He also did this on the bedroom wall in my old flat (lucky me!)

Spence has not only wowed me with his amazing talent so, so many times but he has introduced me to some fantastic artists (if you’ve read my post on the New York art scene ‘Beautiful Freaks’). Spence has recently left the land of the long white cloud to break into the Japanese market! I think he’s there for at least another six months, and no doubt he’ll be creating amazing Japanese art!! Spence is also one of my allllllll time favourite peeps, and a great guy, so go check out his art and also his awesome website!

Here are a few of my favs:



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