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Walkin’ around in our summertime clothes


Some looks make me sigh and swoon… these are some of the latest styles I’ve totally fallen in love with – I want them all, and I’m willing to do almost anything to get my hot little hands on them! x H

1. Capes
twenty-seven names
Juliette Hogan (cape + dress = amazing)
2. Shorts that could pass off as underwear
Kate Sylvester
Juliette Hogan
Stolen Girlfriend’s Club (my ideal pair of shorts – comfy, warm, and stretchy… mmm cable knit)
3. Velvet
twenty-seven names
4. Pussy-bows
5. Frills and pleats
Juliette Hogan
Ruby (this is a playsuit – bonus!)
6. 1950s
Kate Sylvester’s 2010/11 SS collection is a big homage to the 50s… in my eyes, this lady can do no wrong! And I am pretty sure this is where I’ll be spending most of my time and money this coming season…



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