It might as well be spring. - Sans Pareil

It might as well be spring.


The weather in Auckland has been super temperamental recently with gales and lots of rain which means I haven’t really been out and about lately. However, fingers crossed, this is all about to change because yesterday truly felt like the first day of spring (I am adamant that there is a spring-y smell, some sort of natural fragrance that’s only around in spring!) and I am sick of whining about the weather.

Here are some things that are on my mind (right now):
1. Cherry m&ms – I had these two years ago in the States and I haven’t been able to forget them ever since. These are amazing (considering I’m not the biggest fan of chocolate)!
2. Summer and all the fun things associated with it.
3. Old Hollywood beauties (especially Natalie Wood – I LOVE her).
4. Long skirts – i.e. Juliette Hogan’s Floored skirt… I am determined to own one of these as soon as possible!
PS – both Robecca and I have been pretty slack with blog posts recently… she’s been settling in (nicely) in Melbourne and I have been buried under uni work.



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