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Forever à Melbourne


Recently I have been floating around the dreamy streets of Melbourne documenting my travels. I have taken some sweet photographic evidence of some wee treasures that I have found. One of my favourite things about this city is that EVERYWHERE is an artist’s dream. Billboards on busses advertise the latest exhibition; there are people doing street art, fashion shows galore… my eyes have lit up with excitement as many times as a new shop has opened.

On a chilly weekday morning, I found myself at the State Library which is this building…

Siiiiiiiigh it’s so pretty. Also, totally reminds me of the Auckland Museum! I mosey on in, and there is an exhibition on about the origins of shopping in Melbourne. Which is where I snuck my camera in, and captured THIS:

(Keep in mind I took this from under my jacket because it was strictly NO cameras allowed, so I had to get ma sneak on.)

Cool 1920’s picture right? Pretty even? Something you’d like in your bedroom? Lounge even?
Take a gander at the shades the trench comes in! This is possibly the most outrightly racist thing I have seen in a laaaaaaaaaaaaaawng time!

Double ew tee eff indeed!

On a completely different (and non-shocking note,) here is Collins Street, the end which is considered the ‘Parisian’ part of inner Melbounre. Ooh la la!

Bit of info: Melbourne was known for its (beautiful) arcades, which was based on the popular Parisian custom and built the majority of them in the 1800s. Give me one of these babies’ hands down to an awful shopping mall any day.

Here is a popular image of the Collins street aracade in the 60s:

And here it is present day:

Still all things pretty.





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