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Home sweet home


I had a bit of fun In NZ taking pictures with my photographer friend Jin. Although i’m loving Melbourne, it’s quite different to Auckland. I always knew we kiwis were quite sheltered, however I never realised how much so. And I especially didn’t realise jumping across the ditch (I’m always, ALWAYS told by people that NZ is PRACTICALLY another state in Australia) could change the way I view people and society so drastically! Anyway, it was a fantastic trip home (so good to be back in my little, sheltered country wearing jandals and walking to the local dairy) and apart from being reunited with my other half, Haeme (Hi Haeme!) – I was reunited with my favorite photographer and one of my favorite people in the whole wide world – Jin (or Jinny as I call him). Here are a few pics out of the zillion we shot!

This one below makes me laugh, I like everything, except as usual my shoulders are up around my ears! I SWEAR I will have a hunch back one day soon.



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