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Summer Inspiration (dammit it’s not Winter yet)


OK, so in my denial of winter (I am taking a strict stance on this, after all Melbourne has had practically NO Summer). I’m not kidding either, I’m currently wearing a thick cardy AND thick socks. So here are my pick of themes (for summer); I’m feeling rather romantic and theatrical this season (this probably explains the the headpieces. By the way, I’ve made some super kawaii ones for our next markets! Stay tuned!

1. Headdresses.
There is something about putting some some flowers or feathers (or ears) on my noggin that fills me with joy. I think this is because I have always seen one’s personal style as an expression of their artistic side, and nothing has more of a walking creative essence than crowning your head with something glorious!
(It’s me! Equipped with Indian pout).
… Or possibly (and more likely) it could be childhood obsession with Catwoman, not only was she banging, but her costume always left me enviable. (Getting to wear cat ears AND a sweet cat suit for no reason? In her everyday life? While just walking to the 7/11?? Hells yes I was jealous!)
2.Candy hair.

3. Faux fur ( or faux sleeveless fur for summer!)

4.Twiggy (her face, not her icky icky stickly-ness).
(I tried to do this makeup in a photo shoot and kind of failed at it).
xxxx R



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