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KS Season Launch


So a couple of weeks back, Jin and I hopped along to check out the new Kate Sylvester’s Autumn/Winter 2011 collection. Because we’ve been having such lovely summer weather lately, it felt a little surreal to step into a room full of warm knits and cosy jumpers… however, it took me all of two minutes to get my head around this discrepancy, and fall in love/want/must have with at least half of the store.

Most of the collection is based on a subtle autumn palate of greys, browns, and beige, with the occasional splash of bright purples and greens.

Could not resist temptation and ended up putting my name down for this black jumper, made out of textured material and little sequins. Am definitely a fan of 3/4 sleeves, which I think is the perfect length for NZ winter.

Scarves and boots… perks of colder and rainy weather.

It got pretty crowded pretty quickly (with Kate herself being present), so after a drink, Jin and I both grabbed a cupcake each (yum!) and stole away into the real world.



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