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HBIA Hairdressing competition

Quite a lot has been happening lately with Sans Pareil (which is great!) however, I’m (Robecca) getting to the stage where I’m starting to feel a need an agent to promote us. Since that idea will be in the pipeline till Haeme or myself wins lotto, we could really use your help! Just pass it on, basically: follow us on twitter (I swear you won’t get updates on what I had for lunch); ‘like’ us on ye olde facebook and tell us your opinions once in a while (go on, use that BA) so we don’t have to keep shamelessly self promoting.

On another note, I was asked to be a hair model at the HBIA 2011 championship for Falcone Hairdressing. Which was VERY fun, and I had the lovely and talented Phuong Gee Here are some sneak peak pics taken at the show on Sunday! Xx R




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