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Meet me at the raveyard

It’s cold here. So very, very cold. Here are some pics I took a few weeks back at this amazingly beautiful cemetery (I know, how morbid) and we won the random luck prize as it was a beeeeoootiful day!

My boyfriend commented on how grunge my look has gotten,which I guess it sort of has. I think that’s more due to my lack of funds for expensive gear, and I guess I’ve been pondering on the concept that you’re only young once, so you may as well dress as crazy as you can! As Oscar Wilde would say:
” One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art”
ahhhhhhhh Oscar, how I love thee.

I looooooove these rings I got from this cute little boutique I work at on Fridays..

These sunnies are from Shag. They are cheap as chips and I’ve had so many compliments/inquires as to where they are from it’s just ridiculous!




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