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I am hands-down a girly girl in the way I dress. This wasn’t entirely by choice however – I have a body shape that makes wearing certain types of clothing extremely difficult. As in, pants for me are almost always out of the question (small waist, big hips, biggish thighs, skinny calves). It was only this year that I FINALLY found some jeans that are comfortable to wear (Levi’s Curve ID pretty much saved my life), and the sense of achievement I felt after buying my first pair (I now own 3 in different colours) was more than when I graduated for the second time last year. So, out of pure convenience I usually go for dresses when I’m shopping because I know they work for me, and to be honest, I am a lazy shopper and usually buy things without trying them on. Anyway, moving on with the point of this post, I had a conversation with a person that went something like this:

Person: “Do you ever wear pants?”
Me: “Not really.” (Then I said pretty much what you guys must’ve just read to be reading this bit.)
Person: “What kind of dresses do you like?”
Now this is always kind of a tricky question because I don’t really have a particular ‘kind’ that I like… or so I thought until I came across the SS11 (Northern hemisphere) lookbook for tba (which stands for ‘to be adored’).

This collection is so girly (yet ladylike) with its simple lines and toned-down hues – and perfect for my usual choice of footwear (either desert boots, Chucks or Roman sandals… yes, even in winter). I find myself more and more attracted to the school-girl look (in fact, I nearly threw a one-woman party when I found all my old school badges the other month), which is ironic because everyday I look less and less like one (it’s been 8 years since I left school eeek). Holding onto past glories perhaps! x H.



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