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Shoot ’em up cowgirl

SOOO It’s been pretty hectic in Roro land, I’ve been sick; trying to figure out a new job (lodge my friggn’ tax return which is killing me) and been planning a shoot. Which was today. Plans had been going well until yesterday my phone decided to commit suicide, and then my photographer and photography assistant had to bail. Five people getting ready in my dining room and I had no one to take pictures of the shoot I had been planning for weeks. Luckily, everyone is a photographer these days, and my housemate’s biff jumped in (3 hot girls in skimpy clothes, who wouldn’t right?) So off we went and the day was saved! Yay!!

OK so these pics are completely un-related, BUT I heart my new Jeffery Campbell lace ups. They make my hear skip a beat with joy.

We had a weee vistor named Casper

On subject of my shoot today, I will leave ya’ll with a video from The Runaways, which I have based today’s editorial on… watch this space for pics!



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