hair my little ponies Pastel pink

The Pink Panther Presents….

…my new hair!

Or possible new hair.
I am thinking of going pink. All over. From head to tip. What ya’ll think?
Should I do it?
These are some pinkspiration pictures I have been collecting to help me make up my mind.

Who could forget Natalie Portman in Closer with that beauty of a pink wig; or Scarlet Johansson inLost in Translation.

Mmmm I seem to have candy floss on my mind. Or maybe on my head. Anyway, I am loving all things pastel. I just adore the multi-coloured hair look (reminds me so VERY much of my beloved My Little Ponies)

ahhhh so much sparkle, so much pastel, my every little girl’s heaven. Siiiiiigh.