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Planesneekers Jeans by Stuart Burnet

Breaking into the Melbourne fashion scene is no easy feat. Everywhere you turn there are boutique designers popping up with stores manned by too-cool for school fashionistas wearing the very latest these designers   have to offer. Shopping in some areas in Melbourne can be intimidating, let alone starting your own label. But that’s exactly what Stuart Burnet did, and thus, Planesneekers emerged.  
Planesneekers are not your everyday pair of jeans; or actually maybe they are. Think True Religion Jeans- now think of the very polar opposite to that (thank God!).

Planesneekers are well made, classic jeans with no glitz or added frills. Which in today’s’ world of denim wear, is a breath of fresh air. The original concept was based on the notion of stealing clothes from your boyfriend’s wardrobe, ie- drop crotch, tapered designs (which I am pretty sure are still available on the website).
At the present, Stuart is concentrating on  creating the perfect basic skinny pair or female jeans at a decent price:
  “I feel anyone can make a fantastic jean at a price, local production is easy and the jeans will look great at an end retail cost of well over $100. The market I want to capture; girls, want to look as hot as possible without having to spend a weeks salary on buying”
Sounds good to me! 

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You can currently buy planesneeker jeans at Alyssmn in Hawthorn and A Girl Named Paul in South Yarra.

I thought seeing as they are a unisex style, and the name is planesneekers I should show ya’ll how to wear then with sneakers!




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