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What is motivating you 2012?

As a fashion blogger I am constantly needing to think about what inspires my personal style. This always leaks over into what inspires me personally as a human because the line between personal self and personal style is very blurry (for some non existent). 
Lets start with what is inspiring me fashionable in the new year… 

1. I LOVE grunge. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE grunge.

 2. Do you remember those caps every 10 year old had back in the mid 90s? I had one! And I miss it and want to get another one. 

3. I know it has been around forever but I want the perfect balayage hair. I am slowly SO FUCKING SLOWLY, waiting for my hair to grow out so I can do something like this. I have fantasies of not having to re-dye it every 6 seconds, and just letting it grow.  

4. I am getting into crazy nail designs in a big way. 

 5. Round glasses are amazing. FULL STOP. In Auckland, there are some markets called the Victoria Park Markets, in their hey day they were pretty awesome (pretty run down now though) but I remember going there when I was pretty young and seeing round glassed with purple lenses everywhere. 

6. I am currently reading Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. I would also say Sartre and Alan De Bottom are strongly influencing me at present. 

7. Musically, I am still into my grunge and old school rap. 

8. Last but not least, here are some pictures from my personal collection, that I either love, took or find inspiring (or all three). xxx R 





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