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DIY Baybay.


Righto, here is a quckie with a way to sprose up a shirt. 
Like yours truly, you may get sick of the stuff that makes up your wardrobe rather quickly. 
I also love making things contrast, or layering things that may not go together. I.e- a pretty dress that has been studded. 

So I took a denim button up shity I have and added a little texture to it. Here is what I did:

1. I went onto ebay and got a little buy-crazy with studs (so, so many to chose from!)

Oh the glory of studs!

2. I then simply studded the tips of the collar. I love small detail like this, and with a necklace = super Kawaii! 

And now you get an amazing out come like this! And you’re done. 2 steps! Wow, even Haeme could make that! xx R




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