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I have been rather shocking at posting since I have been back in the land of the long white cloud (New Zealand or ‘Nu Zeelaund’ as the rest of the world seems to think we pronounce it) so I figured it was probably time for a catch up. 

I have been back for just over a month and have been trying my hardest to hit the ground running so to speak and not hit the ground SPLAT.
I did a week long internship with a major NZ designer, which was cool I guess, but I did end up unpicking clothing for hours on end. I know this is what one expects from interning at a workroom, but seriously? at 26? I somehow feel like I should be further along in the rat race. 
I have also made a bit of a transformation in the way I look. I had a wee skype with a friend and she commented I looked a bit like a prom queen. Which is not an ideal statement to hear seeing as I would like to be considered to somewhat rep this look: 
The reason being that as a journalist (no actually, I write from some websites and am ever-so-occasionally published in a magazine or two) that I am reviewing a eyelash and hair extension salon- so they gave me hair and eye lash extensions so I could write about them. (Duh).
But now I look something like this:  
Image 1: tumblr, Image 2: google. 
Juuuuust loling wit ‘cha.
I actually look more like this: 
I will reveal my eyelashes soon, for now this is all I have. 
Anywho, stay tuned to my NZ saga… Will I find a job?
                                                        ….. Will my extensions fall out and leave me completely hairless      
                                                              like I have Alopecia??
                                                        ……Will the vivid come off my fingers????
Find out next time on Sans Pareil!! *Cue end credits*
Xx R 



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