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Endless Wardrobe Spruce Back Button jumper

I was sent this really, really awesome oversized knit from Endless Wardrobe.

(Spruce Back Button Jumper)

As soon as I opened up the package I fell in LOVE. Perfect for winter! I truthfully haven’t taken if off!
It’s been so warm and snuggly, I have used it as my thrown on all through this beginning part of winter.

I love how I can wear the jumper both ways! I get sick of things really, really (and I mean really) fast so this is great! 

Endless Wardrobe is an Australian owned website where you can shop the latest trends for a decent price.
My favourite picks are: The Edgy Layer Top

The Dazzling Cape

And the Yule knit

These would all look just wonderful for winter! I think I know what my next purchases will be! xx R



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  1. Thanks for featuring us Haeme! Glad to know you enjoyed your purchase very much! =D

  2. That's Ok! I sent the post in when I did it. It's an amazing cardi! Would love to work with you guys in the future…. Oh ps- it's Robecca; Haeme is the Korean one. xxx

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