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Personal Style for Dummies

Ham has brought a little structure to SP (including abbreviations, oh yeah!) with introducing her weekly list. SO I’m going to start my outfit posts weekly on a Friday. This means if you’re into that sort of thing – check back on Fridays. If you read our blog for the wittisms and superiorly structured social commentary (yes? yeah?!) then simple outfit posts may bore you so you may want to avoid Fridays. Anywho, without further ado here is my outfit!

These were taken a wee while ago by a lovely talented photographer by the name of Matt Reed.
In OTHER newness news I will start posting personal style pics on the FB page too.  The only difference being I will not be gracing these lovely pics. I would like YOU to be in them. Yup, if you email me at I shall post my favourite ones for zee interweb to see! Make sure you like out page so I can tag you!! xx



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  1. you are AMAZING too. seriously girl crushing on your hair: the color the cut, seriously amazing, and your floral crown <3 looking forward to more of your personal styling posts. & thank you so much for commenting on my blog. &of course I would love to follow each other. following now on blogger/GFC, and looking forward to having you as a follower as well <3


  2. Delight! I am crazy about these photos! Great art!


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