Airport America Long beach

Long Beach Airport

Here we are sitting at Long beach airport on a sticky, muggy day. We have been here for a few hours and have one to go before we board our plane for San Francisco. Luckily for Haeme she has her Kobo Reader and I guess lucky for me I have an adapter for my laptop. 
So far we have spent 4 immensely laxy days in Tahiti; I’m not usually one for resorts but this was the detox I needed. We managed to do some Yoga by the beach at sunset, begin to hate the French language (never thought that was a possibility), live off plane food and diet coke and one of us (not me) got a tan. 
PrettyTahitian currency! 

This is the swimming pool of where we stayed!! It’s like a lake!

Will post some more pictures (actual pictures not from my phoney) very soon. xxx R