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Sans Pareil take Tahiti



Bonjour from beautiful French Polynesia!
I’m not sure if we have mentioned this yet on the blog, but Haeme and I are travelling to New York. we are going to generally check it out, engross ourselves in the culture and of course New york Fashion Week! (will get into that a little later).
We have begun our trip in the very lovely tahiti, where we are staying for 4 days before we carry on to L.A and San Francisco.  I am pretty excited about my time here because I am a very fast paced person and the idea of having to relax for 3 or 4 days is scary and exciting at the same time ( I know I’m weird). So here I go, off to lie on a beach for some much needed R&R. Wish me luck! xx R



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  1. One day, one day I will have a holiday there.

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