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Recent trends…

… that just don’t work for me in any way (including ‘oh, that works on her but I would/could never wear it’ way).
1. Wedge sneakers. Just wear normal sneakers like normal people or heels or platforms or even wedges if you like them. Without combining any of the above.
2. Dresses with that strap across the chest. I don’t know who even came up with this idea – breasts, bam! Cleavage, hello! I actually quite like subtle cleavage showing a la Christina Hendricks (ok, maybe not so subtle), but that extra strap bit at the top makes the whole area look like an alien body part.
3. Thick high-waist belts. Not only is this extremely uncomfortable in any other position than standing (and especially if you’re about to eat anything), unless you are a teenager or a model, you have a very high chance of displaying a muffin top above and below the belt.
4. Anything neon. Neon prints, neon accents, neon accessories, neon shoes, neon bags, no. Unless you want to look like a 90s raver.
10. Pastel pants. Light colours should be avoided if you don’t have long, slender legs. Plus what if you sat on something dirty? Like dirt? Or ended up with grass stains?
11. Shorts with pockets hanging out. This may be my pet hate! Why are the pockets showing?! This means just one thing: they are too short and your bum cheeks are likely to be hanging out.
12. Mullet dresses. I actually quite liked the look of these dresses and skirts when they first became popular but I think this is one of those trends that people get sick of fast.
This is just my taste however (or not my taste?!) – I will follow this post up next week with trends that I love/salivate over which may make other people cringe and go ‘eww’. xx H



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  1. very beautiful collection! I like these stylish pictures!

  2. hey sweetie! thanks for the comment why yes, let's follow each other! already following 😉 take care!


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