aqua teen hunger force baby spice Beastie boys cute dog fashion hair kurt vonnegut music pink hair sequin hats

This February I’m….

I’m in Melbourne for summer, it’s flippen hot (38degrees today!) so here is a list of what I’m digin’ on this summer….

If someone could please buy me the majority of this collection that’d be great. If you only one to by me one pice, then THIS W.I.A TOP. KAITHNXBAI. 

THIS album. It’s just so good. I can’t seem to ever get sick of my love of the Beastie Boys. Siiiiiigh. 

Pink hair.

Watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
Because it’s the best cartoon ever!

 What I’m doing….

Making a dick of myself as usual with the talented Courtney from Absolutely Trashed

What I’m reading……

THIS book. That is all. 
What I’m wearing…….
Tattoo chockers. I have the purple one and I don’t really take it off. It reminds me of being 13 and reading Girlfriend Magazine
What I’m desperately in deep want with….
I had a a sequin hat exactly like this when I was 10. I remember the grounds keep at my school had one (I know looking back it was a little bit odd for a 40+ year old man to wear something like this but that ade him even cooler.) Anyway, long story shot- I lost it as 10 year olds so and now I lok back and can only sigh. Ebay has yet to have my perfect sequin hat for sale. 

These Platforms…..

I want platforms via ’97 damnit. I wanna magically find some of those pulp and sketchers from the 90s that every teen had at an op shop for a dollar and give them a new, loving home: MINE.