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Ok, so I know I post like a zillion pics of different versions of coloured hair. HOWEVER, I just had to post these. It started with me going on tumblr (which is where I got these pics so If any are yours or are of you feel free to email me and I’ll credit it) to get some ideas for what I should do next and these were just so damn pretty I had to share them with ya’ll! 
Which one is your favourite? 
xx R

I have to admit this the hair colour right here gave me a boner and that I’ve decided that I need to HAVE IT. HAVE IT RIGHT NOW. 



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  1. first picure has best make up ever

    xx Domenic

  2. I love how lavender hair looks! It's just so pretty.
    Thanks for your comment! I'm already following you- I'm not sure if you're following me, but if you aren't, it would be great if you would 🙂


  3. I love bright colored hair, especially dyed tips! But I'm too much of a wuss to do that with mine, haha!


  4. Thanks for following! xoxox

  5. I really like this post! so colorful! would you like to follow each other? I'll be following you! let me know what you think of my blog!



  6. Nice blog! I'd love to follow each other (:

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