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CLASH boutique

So I’m never in Newmarket because I’m a broke ass bitch. Newmarket is more Haeme’s thing (mainly because she doesn’t keep maxing out her funds by flitting back and forth from Auckland and Melbourne).

ANYWAY the point I’m trying to make is that I now have a reason to go to Newmarket! This shop is so super rad-tastic and they sell Boy London! I LOVE Boy London! And their latest campaign is based the album London Calling by The Clash which I love even more!

Check out this awesome fashion video:

……and here are some uber cool stills:

If you know anything about my style, then you know that this whole concept is right up my ally, especially because 

On a side note, I was super impressed to find out that one of the models from the shoot, Kat Glass (the brunett), had a hand in the PR, is an accomplished actor and has her own theater company! I love hearing about other creatives taking Auckland by storm! You should check out her cool, little website

Happy mid week times! xx R