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Winter coats

It was POURING down in Auckland last night! It’s been so long since this has happened that it actually woke me up (and trust me, I can sleep through anything) and kept me up for a while… It’s fiiiiiinally time to layer up! I love the winter cold as much as Robecca hates it, mainly because I can just snuggle into the pile of clothes I’ve put on that morning and pretend I’m in a cocoon (i.e. still in bed). Plus my office at uni cranks up the aircon like the building is about to melt into goo all summer so winter is when they finally tone down and I can actually feel my face again – ironic much?
Anyway, here are my top six picks for a winter coat. By that, I mean, I need six new winter coats. Sigh…

1.  YMC Twiggy Coat
2. APC Manteau Geant Camel Wool Coat
 3. ASOS Contrast Bomber Coat

4. Gloverall Heritage Duffle Coat

5. Huffer Agent Jacket and Anorak (technically two things… aaaand not coats.)

6. Vanishing Elephant Banff Coat