haeme product review. robecca skin care St Ives

Robecca and Haeme VS St Ives.

So just before H-bone took off to Londontown we were sent some St Ives Products to test out. And BOY did we have fun!

Here we are looking extra sad about our faces being all lame and un-cleansed. 

To start with, we both washed our faces with the Green Tea Cleanser. It’s really nice and refreshing! ( Like REALLY).

The I used the Green Tea Scrub (these links attached to the name of the products take you to the St Ives website. Where you can buy it FYI).

Here’s a fun GIF of me washing my face with the scrub.
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Haeme then used the Invigorating Apricot Scrub to scrub her face.


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It’s actually pretty hard to say which one was either of our fav. They all felt and smelt really, really nice and weren’t too rough on our skin. 
Both of us have pretty similar skin tones; T-zone prone to be a little oily and 

the forehead area can get a little dry. ESP in winter, and afterwards both of us felt like our skin was so fresh feeling!  I noticed that my skin felt really soft after and stayed soft for days after. 

Look how positively stoked we look at how great our skin feels! Yeah! 

That is all from moi for now. Happy mid week ya’ll! xxx R