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Thieves Like Us

Thieves Like Us  is a super cute shop in St Kevin’s Arcade in Auckland, New Zealand which sells all vintage and up-cycled clothing, as well as some locally designed goods such as the Thieves Like Us and yours truly (sans pareil). It’s run by the very lovely and talented designer Jamie-Lee Harding. 
Some of Jamie-Lee’s best sellers are these beautiful hanging plants. So Kawaii! Haeme has already got herself one; and they are on my list of things I need. 

So pretty!! 


Also, so you guys know, We are now have on own SP necklaces for sale.
$15 each.
You can either email us,
Or if you live in Auckland go into The Bread And Butter Letter or Thieves Like Us.
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Ham is suuuuuuuch a QT.



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