Jin Ng personal style photography

I’m super Lame

 As the title suggests I’m super lame right now, instead of finishing an assignment that’s due tomorrow; I’ve picked this very moment to post some personal style pics from, say, oh the last YEAR (I know, I said I sucked ok?).

Although it reeeeeeeeally doesn’t seem like it, but both Ham-bone and I cringe when we are posting pictures of ourselves (we usually either get into an argument over who gets to be behind the camera or we cry/laugh at how bad we look) that I thought I would just hurry up and post the collection I am gathering. Plus, I usually rope the wonderful Jin (go, check out how vastly awesome he is at photography) into taking pictures of me and never do all that much with them.

Poor Jinny, I make him take a zillion pics and then he has to witness me geting dressed! 


There we go! The last one is actually semi-recent too! (I need to stop changing my hair every 5 mins). 
Xx R