Dainty rings for dainty fingers

I love love love rings. Now, this poses a biiiiiiig (literally ha!) problem for me as I have really really small fingers (ring size 4/I). This usually means that if the ring I’m currently in love with only comes in small/medium/large sizes (which are usually L/M/O), all I can do is try them on at the shop, look at them lovingly, and sigh at the fact that they don’t even stay on my thumb. In fact, I’ve been known to go into different shops at different times to try on the same ring… you know, just in case production screwed up and somehow they’ve produced one freakishly small ring (it will happen one day)! Another problem is when rings are too chunky and don’t sit right on the finger. HOWEVER, more and more jewellers are designing little dainty rings that are super cute with a more comprehensive size range (starting from US3, rather than just having the standard three sizes). Here are a couple that I would love to get my (little) grubby paws on xH