2013 90s Courtney Love Emerson fashion girl. grunge Gwen Stefani Lazy Oaf mesh style Suno


So we all know 90s are BACK and if you follow this blog you know that I (Robecca) am a 90s trash bag from way back. That is WELL established. 

And through no great suprise I am sill quite obviously on that buzz when it comes to my wardrobe  and I know I’m being real lazy when I post actual 90s inspiration rather than the designers of present day who have got collections based on it….. but fuck it. It’s way more fun to look at the inspiration behind the latest trends.  

Lets begin. 

1. Flannel/plaid skirts.  They are so crazy in fashion and are going to be so crazy BIG, check out the latest lookbooks from brands like Lazy Oaf, Suno and Emerson. This stuff is ALL OVER THE RUNWAYS.

2. Black Mesh. Pretty much if it’s black and it’s mesh it needs to get the HELL on me.

3. I NEDD a holagraphic bag/clutch. This picture is my type of porno #andidontevencare.

4. Crop tops. Every single thrift shop I go to I have my peepers pealed for the perfect 90s crop.

5. Everything is so right with this pic it is hard to chose which part of her look I want to use as an example. Round glasses. CHECK. Washed out pink hair. CHECK Shag jumper. CHECK. Platforms. OH GOD CHECK…. anyway you get the idea.

6. See above. 
7. Brows. A good brow is SO important. A girl should never leave home without them. 

8. Hair. I love Courtney Love’s hair in this. It’s cute little girl mixed with ‘I don’t give a fuck’ badass-ness. Which equals perfect grunge.

9. Gwen Stefani 90’s hair. I’ve always been such a HUGE Gwen fan. I’m not the biggest lover of pop stars, but Gwen can do no wrong in my eyes. She’s so cool. I’m a total Gwenabie. 

Dat hair ^^