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Strictly research.

I’ve been doing some research recently for a shoot I am planning for sans pareil late summer/autumn 2014.

Lately, i’ve been reading lots of feminism stuff and thinking about what it means to be a woman in 2014. I’ve been lucky enough to never experience outright sexism, but I have experienced it on a smaller scale – as most women have.

I want to create a campaign that is pro-women.

One thing that disturbs me about the fashion industry is that women are expected to be perfect pillars of youth and to maintain a completely unattainable beauty. I have no idea HOW his concept was allowed to infiltrate the mainstream but it has.  If a women is anything less; she becomes seen as a lesser being, and is judged immensely by it.

How many girls do you know-yourself included- that feel guilty for not being pretty enough, or skinny enough or dressed well enough? I know I sure do.

One thing (of the many) that disturbs me about society in general is that women are still essentially seen as the weaker sex. And I don’t mean physically. It’s un-lady like to reach out and assertively take up space. it’s attractive for a woman to appear dainty, it’s attractive for her to act demure. It’s normal for her to be started at, objectified. That last sentence is something which strikes particularly close to home. I’m sick to death of being started at. Being started at in public makes a female painfully aware of herself, of how she appears through the male gaze.

In saying this however; two things about this project disturbed me. Firstly, when I told a guy friend about it, he rolled his eyes and said “great, another series of photos with models looking at the camera with contempt at the camera, while in some  of ‘alt’ outfit”.

He was totally right.

There are SO many shoots with young models glaring at the camera while smoking a cigarette.  My other issue, as with lots of strains of feminism; is that I don’t want to appear like I hate men. Because I don’t. I’m not trying to push men down, but I want to celebrate strong women.

I then got the idea that the model can be holding a series of signs with political statements. I’m not 100% sure what I will write on each sign, but I think it will add the authenticity I’m looking for. I want the model to take up all the space around her, non-ashamed and non-apologetic.

ANYWAY end of rant. here are my mood boards.
I hope I have something to post that slightly relates to my rant. ha.

xx R


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