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Dagmar & Rousset and Douglas & Bec opening‏ – by Colin J. Harte.


Over in Melbourne Collin managed to check out the opening of the very cool (and swish) looking  Dagmar & Rousset and Douglas & Bec.
Below is his review of the opening. If you’re in Melbourne you should check it out.

Oh là là… the opening of the new space for the clothing collection of Dagmar and Rousset and the fashion and home wears of Douglas and Bec is sure to become a mecca for the intelligent fashion forward set. Set in a gritty converted Collingwood warehouse, the space has an airy feel of an art gallery where the pieces are functional art.

 Whilst at first weary of the meeting of the two mediums of fashion and home wears the combination culminates in what is truly a tour de force of cross branding, the result of which can truly be called a concept store. Full of bright, bold concepts at that.

From uber cute socks and underwear, twee but full of whoopee, to old-worldy scissors, to bronze pots designed by Japanese artisans this store as it all. If your house burnt down tomorrow and you got a large insurance payout and you had to start from scratch this would be the place to it. Whilst I attended for the fashion my heart was stolen by the furniture full of wit and yet strangely humble. With its clean sharp lines it is sure to brighten up any loft with its Scandinavian lightness.

And yet would you believe that it is made in Auckland? And just look at the old guy who turns it out. And the man who makes this is truly an archetypal father figure.

As for the opening, well look at this guy who was pumping out the rice wine.
And why the French opening do you ask? Why that’s because Dagmar and Rousset run French classes at night. Bon appétit!

Store address: 30-32 Easey St, Collingwood, Vic 3066 Australia
Ph: (03) 9419 2200




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