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Cult Classic – Spring/Summer 2014


I was sent these awesome pics from Philadelphia label Cult Classic. I LA-LA love the shoot they did. The pictures are street-wise and nonchalant. LOVE IT. I want that royal blue jacket. Just in time for the take off of Sports Luxe.

“Last year we shot a visual for our spring release with the homies at Chocolate Truck, and it came out really awesome.  We’ve kept a good relationship with those dudes; they are doing some dope shit right now in the BMX scene, so we were really excited to work on a piece with them, especially being that they’re from Philly too. 
Only 76 of these shirts were printed, and they will never be printed again. To showcase the limited availability of this piece we have hand-numbered each one with red fabric paint on the back bottom-right. 
These shirts release officially at the end of May, but a very limited amount has been made available for early purchase on our webstore. 

Model:  @VitaminBree 
Label: @CultClassicGods 
And of course, zee Webstore 



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