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I buy thrift shop clothes – and why you should too!


Thrifting has become rather trendy over the last 5 years or so. Most young people at least PARTLY shop vintage, regardless of their personal wealth.

Even major labels like Karen Walker have picked up on the revival of fashion form the later 80s early 90s. (Don’t even get me started on what I thought about the Karen Walker mum-bum jeans – *shudders*).

1. Thrifting is good for the environment.
When you buy clothes that are second hand you’re not only recycling that garment, you’re recycling all the time, energy and materials that went into making it. You’re re using it all so it’s one less new thing to be made.
Synthetic fibers such as polyester, use crude oil as well as all that energy. This means toxic chemicals, gasses and pest-asides.

2. Un-used clothes make up a big part of landfills.
Some facts about landfills

  •  Clothing and shoes make up around 12% of landfills. So think of allllllll the crap we have. From plastic to photos to cutlery to discarded car parts. 12% of that is HUGE. 
  • The UK produces around 1 million tonnes of textile waste per year. America is 13 million tonnes. 
  • The average American throws away 70 pounds of clothing a year. 

Discarded clothing takes up so much f*cking space. 

3. It’s cheap as hell! 
I won’t sped too much time on this because I know, that you know, what I am saying. Buying clothes second hand is much, much cheaper than buying them new. And plus every so often you find that designer dress that retails for much, much more than you paid.

4. Fashion repeats itself. 
Lets be honest here. Fashion repeats itself. We are literally in one giant spiral. Like now, 90s are in. Instead of paying a couple of hundred for that sleek floor length casual dress, why not check out your local opp shop for one at a fraction of the price? Plus it’s cooler to have an original.

Gwen in the 90s is my spirit animal. 

5. Usually, by buying from Thrift shops you’re helping out local charities or small business. 
My favourite thrift shop is down the road from my parents house and it supports the SPCA. I think that my charity of choice will always be animal based, and I love the fact that when I either donate or buy clothes it goes to helping to make the world a better place for out furry buddies.

Those are my top 5 reasons for why buying second hand is amazing! If I’ve missed out anything let me know in the comments below!

xx R

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  1. It's sort of stupid that I didn't think of this but yes, thrift shopping saves the planet and your wallet.

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  2. Great post on thrifting!! I absolutely love thrifting and checking out reusable clothing. Unfortunately I can't find that many great pieces in my local thrift shops/consignment shops. Btw thank you for commenting on my post! Like I mentioned in my reply back to your comment, I would love to build more a blogger community, so I am definitely forward to following each other on GFC, Instagram, etc.

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  4. This is just a great post and i shop a lot at thrift stores
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