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New Zealand Fashion Week -day 2 – Trelise Cooper


New Zealand Fashion week is here yet again, and like most semi-related-to-the-industry New Zealander’s, I too, have been scrambling down to the viaduct event centre this week to try and get as much in as possible. 

So without due, here is what’s been the go so far.  


Yesterday was the first real day of Fashion Week ’14, and the first show I went to was the Trelise Cooper Runway. 
Cooper is one of New Zealand’s oldest and most iconic designers. So of course, the show was polished to perfection. 

Cooper received a bit of flack from the media this morning because of her use of Native American headdresses. I’m not too sure about my stance on this, and i’m guilty of doing it, so I might suspend comments one way or the other and let you decide. 
THIS was my favourite look. Ahhh all the glitter, siiigh. 

The show was very fabulous indeed, although, I must admit I hate the hair. It kinda looked like a really cheap weave had been taped to each model’s head. Dunno what was up with THAT. 

The Designer herself! Looking so beautiful! 

Keep posted for my updates tomorrow! You can follow me on Instagram or Facebook for INSTANT TO THE SECOND LIVE ASS updates. xx

Oh and I got an awesome goodie bag 🙂



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