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New Zealand Fashion Week – Day 3 part 2


Like my font?
Good. I spent ages on it.
Alright so It wouldn’t be the same if I did not take some style pics of the uber stylish patrons of Fashion Week ’14.

These were taken while waiting for the Juliette Hogan show to begin on Wednesday evening.

1. Vanita Thomas, Michiko Hylands and Clifton Piper.
These three look so dapper!

2. I actually forgot to get the name’s of this duo because we were too busy talking about how much the lady on the right hates having her photo taken! Don’t know why, she rocks her style.

3. Heather Brennan Evans.
I met this stylish, Christchurch based fashion student just inside of the Juliette Hogan show! How awesome are her pants?

4. Hannah Whiteacre.
This very pretty lady was my date for the evening but I thought she looked fab so wanted to grab a snap!

More updates tomorrow! xx 



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  1. Great looks from New Zealand Fashion Week, I totally fall in love with the guy of the second pic.


  2. Looks like fun, I didn't know New Zealand had a fashion week, this is cool!

    xoxo Akinyi

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