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Karen Walker at New York fashion Week

New York Fashion Week has come to a close and yet again New Zealand’s own Karen Walker was a hit. The latest collection, Garden People; was shown to a packed audience at Chelsea pier, New York. 

As with last year’s collection, the theme was based on a historically iconic group of women. While using the women of the suffragette to draw inspiration from in 2014; this year, the focus was on The gardening society in Britain as photographed byValerie Finnis. 

In an interview backstage, after the successful show; Walker explained:
“What I really liked about (Finnis’) work was she just photographed her friends in their gardens, so it was really the idea of dressing up to go gardening which gives you that mix of glamour and utility with a slight eccentricity”. 

The collection itself is colour, comfort mixed with Walker’s trademark effortlessly chic look. 

To view the full collection go here

Here are my favourites: