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Kia ora!
I’m diggin’ on the braids hair trend. For someone that get sick of my hair RELLY easily. Braiding (rather than dying/chopping) is a great alternative to a major change.

After scanning the internet for wayyyyy too long, here are my favourite Tutorials. Enjoy. x




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  1. These are really nice! I love braiding my hair!

    Bella Pummarola

  2. Waaa this is the reason why i wished i have the powers of braiding! I can't even braid my hair 🙁 Love your's btw <3

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  3. Cool hairstyle:)
    Have a nice day!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  4. I love a great braid! Gives me an extra day from washing my hair! Thanks for stopping by my blog <3, new follower to yours!
    xo jess

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