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Glassons criticised for anorexic – looking models

Glassons mannequin with ribs showing – is it a negative influence for girls? 
New Zealand chain-store giant Glassons, have recently been slammed for their use of mannequins that appear anorexic. 

Auckland psychotherapist Anna Drijver, who specialises in anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating and overeating.

“It’s just ridiculous to show ribs. It’s absurd to me,” said Drijver. 

“Use of the model in a popular retail outlet like Glassons, aimed at teenagers and young women, was worrying”, she said. “It absolutely will have a negative effect on young women – and young boys as well, actually. They see these images and assume that’s what we should look like”.

“Statistically that’s not what society looks like so I think it’s a terrible idea having such mannequins in the shops.”

Most of her patients with eating disorders were in their teens, but she had treated some as young as 10.

Scarily skinny mannequins in the store have sparked a heated debate about body image, with shoppers demanding more realist displays. Law student Emily Robins, 25, shared the disturbing image of one mannequin on Twitter.

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