jewellery Michael Hill ring stacking

Ring Stacking with Michael Hill Jeweller

How pretty is ring stacking?
I am such a huge fan! Though it’s hard to find the perfect combination.

So lets pretend that my wallet is bottomless and I’m going to use Michael Hill Jeweller  to make my ultimate dream ring stacking combo!
This is an obvious no-brainer selection. I would get at least two of these and probably in all different sizes so I could wear it above or below the knuckle depending. 
Petite rings are so cute and girlie and will be a popular accessory this summer. I would get a smaller size in this one so I could wear it as a midi (above the knuckle). 

I am a HUGE fan of mixing yellow gold with white gold and silver. Not everyone is, but I love this ring because if I wanted to mix it up with a silver band this would make for the best gateway. 

4. This 10CT Yellow Gold Rope Stack Ring 

I LOVE this ring. It is my absolute favourite, and if I could I would get at least two, and wear one on my index and one on my middle finger. 

6. Lastly, The Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Ring 
I think this is such a divine piece. It’s very similar to the type of jewellery my mum would wear. I think it would make a great stacking ring because it would add a beautiful, elegant touch.

Now that I’ve spent about $4000.00 of dream money I should probably get back to reality! xx