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Colin goes to the Jean-Paul Gaultier at the Melbourne NGV


Jean-Paul Gaultier is my designer of choice. From his scent for men which has adnored me for many, many years my default white with blue striped shirts. Which was based on the uniform of the Breton naval uniform and is my number one wardrobe staple. So, when I found out he would feature this summer at the National Gallery of Victoria I went “Squeeeeeeeee!”

The collection on display is rhasodic, full of gallic flare and pizazz. There are dresses (this word doesn’t even do them justice) worn by Madonna on stage at the hight of her fame. There are pieces from the Fifth Element – one of my favourite movies – as he was was the costume designer for this English Language French Sci-fi classic.

When you enter there is Jean-Paul, front and centre. Oh, wait that’s not him, that’s a projected image of him talking about the collection, projected on to a mannequin. Too cute. Too creepy, but genius non-the-less.

My Favourite piece is a dress worn by Cate Blanchett to the Oscars in 2000.

Oh, yes and this picture of Kate Moss.

When is the best time to go see this, you ask? Why NGV friday night. Then you can see the exhibition, hear talks and get drunk whilst checking sets out some of Melbourne best bands.
Words and pictures are all courtesy of Colin Harte. 



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