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Designer Watch: Jarred Godman


I caught up with the young Auckland based designer, Jarrad Godman right after the debut of his collection at the AUT Rookie Show. Godman was on a happy high after the show, and was optimistic about the future;

Me: What have you got planned now that you’re done for the year?
Godman: I plan to take a week or so off as I haven’t had more than one day in a row off in two years!!
Me: Wow, that’s insane, You must be exhausted. So where do you plan to go from here with your designs? Will you make a label?
Godman: I will turn my stuff into a commercial label. I’m already selling now, I’m hoping to move forward as soon as possible with that.

Me: What kind of collection is your aim? Should we look out for a line in stores soon?
Godman: Yes. I plan to do small, seasonal drops. I want my collections to tell a story and be fluid. I like everything to have a reason.
Me: That sounds exciting! Have you decided on any stockists yet?
Godman: I’m talking with a few at the moment, though nothing concrete.

Designer to watch: Jarrad Godman

Words by Robecca Leyden
Photos by Eve Sorenson




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