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How to make DIY car air-freshener

The other day I was cleaning out my car and I came up with a neat and natural idea to make my car smell like flowers. With winter here, and in full force, it’s nice to keep a little bit of summer spirit going. 
Let’s get to it. 
What you’ll need:
Flowers with a strong smell 
Clear tape 
A clear baggy
1. Collect some really strong smelling flowers. This is because you want them to last a wee while and fill your car/space with a distinct aroma. I always like to go for Lavender. 
2. Gather as much as you like, but remember you are putting it in a baggy (Obviously scattering flowers around your car is messy). I went for pocket sized for compact value. 
3. Tape the baggy with clear tape so you can see the flowers (You don’t have to do this, but how pretty does it look?).

4. Now snip little holes in the baggy, do as many as you can with out morphing the shape of letting any flowers fall out. This is to release the oder! 

You’re done! You now have your very own, natural air freshener – you’ll be driving in style now!




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